Hall of Fame

Sunflowers’ Superstars

We think that children who go ‘above and beyond’ to help us make a difference to other children are inspirational!  Our Superstars may also contend with challenging medical conditions, or they may just want to bring a little magic to those less fortunate. So, when we identify those children (this is something that can’t be applied for), our Superstars receive special recognition and are awarded a special certificate and ‘Sunflowers Superstar’ pin badge, which are rarely given out and are highly coveted! We’ve created a Sunflowers Superstars ‘Hall of Fame’ gallery on our website, giving these children the recognition, they deserve.

Nathaniel Hodges, age 7

“I decided to help Sunflowers Children’s Action Group because they have been very kind to me and lots of other children. I chose to do a sponsored “Triple Challenge” for which I set myself physical, mental and creative goals. I completed a run, a spelling challenge and I made some hedgehog boxes and in total I raised £660! I was also in the local newspaper for my achievements! I was really happy to help and feel very proud to be a ‘Sunflower’!”

Evie Kirkby, age 11

Brave Evie decided she wanted to help other Sunflowers children and raised £80 from a name card.

Evie said she was “proud and pleased” to receive the award to recognise her as a special Sunflowers Superstar!

Finn Clark, age 7

Finn wanted to invent a device that would help his little sister manage her type 1 diabetes. He sees her undergo regular intrusive procedures and wanted to make something that didn’t hurt her. That’s something he’s determined to keep working on but in the meantime he asked what he could do to show our gratitude towards Sunflowers and help bring a smile to other deserving children at the same time. He decided on a sponsored bike ride and last month completed 30 miles, along with his dad. He raised a grand total of £1,682 and is very proud to be awarded the very special Sunflowers Superstar certificate and pin badge.

Emily Corrigan, age 9

In October 2020 Emily decided to do a sponsored haircut. Not only did she raise a fabulous amount of money for the Sunflowers charity, but she also donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children with cancer, we are so proud of Emily.
The Sunflowers charity has been so generous over the last few years it is lovely to be able to help out and for this money to go towards some very special children.

Alex Perry, age 6

Alex and his mummy who is a Sunflowers volunteer decided to have a fun marble race to raise funds for Sunflowers Children’s Action Group. Together they built a large marble run and people choose a marble to follow in the race and paid a small fee to enter via an online platform.
Alex ran the race and eliminated a couple of marbles at a time and the winner was lucky marble number 13!
£146 was raised and Alex was very pleased with his certificate and badge.